Bodged Bun Chay

Oh Vietnam. The Husb and I spent a month cycling there in 2017 and, while it wasn’t without its challenges, it left an indelible impression in our minds. Not least the food….OH THE FOOD! I can barely talk about it without shedding a tear. The Husb is, in fact, out eating Vietnamese this evening and I am WELL JEAL. Fortunately, we recently acquired a Vietnamese veggie cookbook, so I consulted it to see what I could conjure up from an inadequately-stocked store cupboard.

Tasty tomato tofu

I am the first to admit that I am at the more hardcore end of the vegetarian spectrum, and thus I understand that not everyone loves tofu as much as I do. But this is good. The Husb says it’s because the ‘umami’ flavour of the tomatoes goes really well with tofu. It’s loosely based on something I ate in a Vietnamese restaurant years ago – although it doesn’t seem especially Vietnamese to me!