Veggie foodie love

Roots glorious roots

OK my title is ironic. I class myself as a vegetable lover, but root veg are firmly at the bottom of my favourites list. Especially carrots, beetroot and jerusalem artichokes. Last week, my veg box contained no fewer than 17 carrots, some hefty beetroot, and a load of jerusalem artichokes as a bonus. Amazingly, none of it went in the food waste. Here’s how. Delia’s slow roast root veg soup I’d made this before, following the original recipe and it was fab (and I am not a huge soup fan).

Potty About Pickles

Hello again, world. I’m back. I might be around a bit more too, for the foreseeable at least. Long story, available on request 😉 Like everyone else lucky enough to have a garden, we have been renewed with enthusiasm for ‘growing stuff’ in response to the curveball 2020 has thrown our way. Having been daft enough to plant out no fewer than eight courgette plants, I was braced for a serious glut.

Bodged Bun Chay

Oh Vietnam. The Husb and I spent a month cycling there in 2017 and, while it wasn’t without its challenges, it left an indelible impression in our minds. Not least the food….OH THE FOOD! I can barely talk about it without shedding a tear. The Husb is, in fact, out eating Vietnamese this evening and I am WELL JEAL. Fortunately, we recently acquired a Vietnamese veggie cookbook, so I consulted it to see what I could conjure up from an inadequately-stocked store cupboard.

Squash Lentil and Tofu Tagine

My friend McSwede is also dabbling in veganuary this year, so I decided it was only fair to invite her and the other members of Cake Club round for a tasty vegan dinner. As a group of ladies with certain partiality to lashings of butter and cream, I had to rack my brains for a tasty option that wasn’t ‘too vegan’….yet, at the same time, felt compelled to demonstrate my oft-stated belief that ‘tofu is great’ 🙂 Tofu is best paired with a tasty sauce, but I didn’t want to be super predictable and make a curry.

Tasty tomato tofu

I am the first to admit that I am at the more hardcore end of the vegetarian spectrum, and thus I understand that not everyone loves tofu as much as I do. But this is good. The Husb says it’s because the ‘umami’ flavour of the tomatoes goes really well with tofu. It’s loosely based on something I ate in a Vietnamese restaurant years ago – although it doesn’t seem especially Vietnamese to me!